Our philosophy

For human beings, happiness involves dreams, emotion, pleasure and escape... Games and entertainment, along with the pleasure and adrenaline they bring, are the reason why Société Française de Casinos exists. In establishments where everyday life is forgotten, our mission is to offer our clients rare moments that are often unique and even magical... »

Pascal Pessiot

Pascal Pessiot
President CEO

Our vocation

  • concentrating on the gaming industry and its related activities (catering, hospitality, shows, events) that are imperative or generate traffic.
  • taking advantage of the new regulations by setting in place a diversity of games (traditional games and slot machines in the same room, plus no entry fee), by installing new approved games and streamlining the new technological opportunities granted by the regulator.
  • pursuing its external growth through the acquisition of new small or medium-sized holdings that have potential for development. Société Française de Casinos will also remain particularly vigilant where changes in gaming regulations and online betting are concerned.

SFC team


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Acquisition of Chamonix Casino.

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Investment project and setting up a structure for the development and research of new casinos in association with Ardent Group (Circus brand )

Creation of the Belgian French Society of Casinos " SFBC " and acquisition by the latter of Port Leucate casino and Briançon.

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Sale of the virtual game " La tête dans les nuages."

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Implementation of TITO and renovation of the Casino of Collioure2013
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Acquisition of a majority of the capital of the Company CECPAS which operates the Casino of Collioure, currently in settlement of liabilities.

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Change in governance with a Board of Directors fully renewed . Reminder history Group Chairman and appointment of a new CEO.

Approval of the Continuation Plan proposed by the Société Française de Casinos by the Commercial Court of Paris .

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Opening of insolvency proceedings with the PARIS Commercial Court due to the failure of negotiations with its bondholders

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Capital increase in 6 814 902 € (issuance premium included)

Policy change of the board, departure of President founder of SFC

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Opening of 3 new virtual gambling sites in the alley of Orgeval , Clermont-Ferrand and Tours.

Operating permits of Texas Hold'em Poker tables obtained for Châtel-guyon Casinos Gruissan and Port la Nouvelle

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Contribution to SFC to the 44.44 % of shares held by Frameliris

Structuring Group

Change of name : LTDN becomes Société Française de Casinos (SFC)

Creating a new headquarters

Sale of non-strategic assets

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Signature of a promise of sale by the Partouche group of 55.56 % of the Société Française de Casinos’ capital. Signature of a promise of a contribution by Frameliris to the company in the order of 44.44 % of the Société Française de Casinos’ capital.

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Opening of the 1st center of virtual games in an amusement park (La Mer de Sable)

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Taking Partouche Group's stake in SFC

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Introduction of the new market of the Paris Stock Exchange LDTN

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Creation of the Société Française de Casinos (SFC)